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December 2020 … Where are we now?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Never did we expect this pandemic to still be among us at Christmas. At first we thought 6 months max, we can survive that.. but now nearly a year later things are really serious for everyone. Most big hotels have already closed for the winter, many will never reopen. Many smaller businesses like ourselves are struggling or have closed with no government support and with taxes rising. Mental health has played a huge part in our lives … and I think finally we have come to accept that this will not finish soon, were in this for the long run and its time to think "outside of the box".

Despite the fact that Frigiliana has had just 14 cases of Covid, we have been subject to severe restrictions prohibiting travel outside the village of Frigiliana.

I have always been one for creativity and ideas, it runs in our family history, … and we have looked at various new options for the forthcoming year to make 2021 work.

Our first venture has been introducing Full Afternoon Teas to the hotel served the good old fashioned way with bone china, clotted cream and pots of proper tea! This has certainly found its own niche in the local market especially sat by the open fire during the winter months!

We're are now hoping to embark on a new venture for 2021 which is Miller's Antiques Auctions helping the local charities and to help our community raise money from possessions they have been holding in the families for generations. Now is the time to act, sell and enjoy... there's no point taking money to the grave with you. We hope this new venture will help us all next year and if if doesn't work, we do what we do best, try and try again. Wishing you all health and happiness for 2021 and we welcome you back with open arms to Millers of Frigiliana, Your Safe Home Away from Home!

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