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Walking in my shoes through Frigiliana

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Last night was one of those unexpected wine tasting evenings that ended up in me booking myself into Zumba class in the main square for 9am the following morning with a hangover. The open air and loud music certainly shook off the tiredness and gave the older population something to laugh at. My moves left a lot to be improved so with that in mind I cycled up to Millers to begin another busy day.

On a bit of a strict time deadline after the laundry arrived late, the four rooms for our guests were immaculately prepared including our new charcuterie platters and a few bottles of bubbly on the roof to celebrate a birthday night. My step count was building quickly!

Before I realized it was 2pm, time to to pick the kids up from school and cycle home to make them a McDonalds Monday meal and take our two cats for their daily walk before shopping for new stocks of alcohol and returning again to Millers to unload and light the fire.

Cycling home again, I was feeling the weight of the day but what a great day, happy guests, beautiful hotel and lots of new ideas for my new boutique gift shop which is slowly progressing day by day. Not only do we have amazing beauty products made with organic products, candles and wax melts all made in Frigiliana, we now have local paintings, books and unique postcards.

Thinking out of the box is definitely necessary this year and is quite fun to be honest, with the cookery club fully booked every week, afternoon teas walking out the door and freshly made cakes arriving weekly, where there is a will there is a way. What a great place to get creative and still fit in some socializing with friends and family.

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